May 10, 2021

Today I returned to the dentist for the post-operation checkup. My mouth is healing fine, and the remaining healing should last a couple more weeks. That’s great news! Yay!

Also, I don’t need an implant to counter the tooth above it, because I don’t have that one either! (Well, I have a bit of it, but that’s more than I want to discuss.)

Anyhow, let me tell you the funny thing that happened: I had the same dentist assistant, but a different dentist. The assistant literally said, “Doctor Nguyen is no longer with us. You’ll be seeing Doctor…”, and carried on. So I asked, “Hey, Dr. Nguyen, what happened exactly, if I may ask. Are they, um, okay?”

To which they replied something about maybe management doesn’t want them to say much on the matter… which was still so ambiguous! So I challenged, “Okay, I don’t really want any details, just a clarification: did Dr Nguyen pass, as in the mortal coil?”

Look of confusion.

“Did Dr. Nguyen die, or merely no longer works here?”

“Oh, yeah, they just don’t work here. What did I say?!”

After explaining the back and forth, they apologized, “I can’t believe I said it like that, thanks for letting me know. And sorry for the confusion.”

I was fine. “Hey, no problem, I thought that Dr. died, but they’re okay, they’ll bounce back.”