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what i’m looking for: minimal interaction with food. open a package and dump in blender/microwave/something and heat and eat. minimal cognitive load yet some variety (so i’d like a rotating menu that automatically switches but it doesn’t make me log in and choose four new ones every week). not too spicy-hot. not too many spices, i guess i’m kinda bland.

this is a combo of stuff i’ve tried and stuff i haven’t tried.

frozen–>blender or microwave - i’ve used this for a few months. even though i know i should stop and just get frozen fruit, i’ve done that before and my frozen fruit sat in the freezer for two years until i moved and threw it all away. the smoothies come in cups and you pour the almond milk or water into the cup, pour that into the blender, then pour it back into the cup. the “harvest bowls” get poured in a bowl and stuck in the microwave. they’re fine. i like that they’re frozen cuz they don’t go bad =P

microwave - i had this a few years ago. didn’t really like it. still have a few of the zipper cooler fabric boxes. - did this a few years ago and canceled. friend really likes it, gets 10 meals a week. may sign up again. zipper bags. - did this for a few months this year. fresh food, not frozen. delivery driver, plastic, then paper bags, ice packs. catering company. stopped. didn’t really eat them. - did this a few years ago. my coworkers loved it so much that we ended up with like 8 people all getting tiffins at the office. stopped when i went on vacation and never started again. only sf, only lunch. cute reusable tiffins though. they also use cute electric bikes with trunks to deliver lunches.

slow cooker meals|+Meals+|+Slow-Cooker-Meals

pressure cooker

assembly required

forgot the name. shipped in boxes. i never made the meals.

Sounds like that one is a pass. :slight_smile: