Notes on 2018's home displacement

For the last three years each winter we have had to leave our home because of rain leaking in. I often get so caught up in the process, I forget to publicly document it. While I take notes and photos, I haven’t shared the experience, and I think that is important. And this displacement has been very strange, as we are staying in a different unit in the same building. The following are random notes and observations I’d like to share.

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This year the leak started Nov 21. If that date seems interesting to you, it is because it is the day before American Thanksgiving, as in the Wed. before a four day weekend. The leak was in our hallway, the center of our apartment.

As I email the company, asking for details of The horrible screeching sound from above, I am reminded that during this latest bout, I learned that another tenant in another building is having trouble with their heater or pilot, and would prefer to be home when they come and check on it. Because I was copied on their thread.

And then the person apologized to me, privately. And then the tenant replied all, and I go the response. Because my property management company is a living lesson is the dangers of ignoring integrity and dignity.

And it isn’t the first or second time they’ve done this. I guess “maiki” is just one of those super common American names…