Oh My Driveling Gawd (OMDG), a gayme

The Driveling Gawd is most happy when it is Awful. Lately it’s only been feeling Awesome. Now the Pendrai must go out and collect Drivel and feed the Driveling Gawd back to Awfulness!

Fortunately planet Earth is in a golden time of Drivel! It spews forth from the pipes of society constantly. Go out, defeat the personifications of Drivel, choose the choicest selections, and feed the Driveling Gawd!

This is my idea to gamify others “reading” feed items, and then submitting them to be “consumed” by the Driveling Gawd, who gives out honest feelings on how something tastes in the form of “Ex-voto” cards, which are in turn used to change the game/mess with other players’ profile pages.