personal style guide

This topic collects the separate components that make up my personal style guide.

You are invited to conversate. :slight_smile:

I have to make many decisions in a given day, so to keep it simple for myself when I list anything I keep two things in mind:

  1. Are some of these items more “important” in this context, then
  2. Alphabetize them.

Everything, including people (and me).

It avoids hierarchy, it avoids assessment beyond the context, and it is really easy to remember and act upon.

When including myself I used to put my name at the end, as a sign of humility and the promotion of others, but given I write my name without capitals, having it hang off the end created an odd presentation, so I just stick to the alphabet.

In correspondence, I find myself writing to one or more persons, while copying many for reference, and sometimes refer to everyone. In this case I’d list the active audience first, then everyone else.

Hi Carol and David, let’s get you set up in the new system, and Alice, Bob, and Eve can fill in any details I miss. :slight_smile: