The BBS Documentary Video Collection

The BBS Documentary Video Collection

The BBS Documentary Video Collection is a varied set of video items collected by Jason Scott, curator of TEXTFILES.COM. These are recordings about and from the era of the domination of ASCII and Dial-up Bulletin Board Systems (roughly the 1970s through the 1990s, with examples far before and after that).

Over 250 hours of interviews were conducted for a project called “BBS: The Documentary” (website at The questions centered around the history of Dial-up BBSes but sometimes drifted into related topics. Most of the full interviews will be made available on this site over the course of a year.

In each case, an audio file of the interviews will also be made available along with the videotaped material, as well as photographs taken during the interview. All material will be released Creative Commons Attribute-Sharealike and you are encouraged to download, re-edit, share, and otherwise use this material as the foundation for further research.

I just started listening to these in the background as I work. I started with James Willing.


That’s awesome, I didn’t know (or maybe forgot!) that all the raw interviews were available. The documentary series itself is at BBS: The Documentary : Jason Scott : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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