Things you did as a kid that your kids will never do

I super hate all click-baity articles, and this is one of them. But what really infuriated me was this slide…

Use an encyclopedia as a reference for your report. With Wikipedia, these books are basically worthless.

The rage this fills within me!! Like sure, yeah lets just have one resource to use as a reference… why have more?? :roll_eyes:

If it fills you with rage, it was probably intended that way. =P

I don’t know, I find the references in Wikipedia to suffice for most queries. We look things up in Wikipedia a lot, and I’d always go there before reaching for a physical book. We should probably teach everyone critical thinking and how to check version histories. :slight_smile:

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Ah, I didn’t see the text above the screenshot, so that sounded annoying. I was pointing out the click-baity nature of the thing, having not realized it has been pointed out. :slight_smile:

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