Turn RPG : Low combat / Slice of life / Animal Shifter / Urban Fantasy / Pen & Paper RPG

I haven’t entirely groked it’s conflict resolution system; but a friend linked me to a crowdfunding campaign for an interesting roleplaying game. Looks to be a very naturalistic take on the genre. Focused more so on the day to day problems that arise for people and shifters without being necessarily focused on usual fantasy tropes ( fantasy racism / violence as a primary resolution mechanic ). It’s got a set of early beta rules the campaign links to. (No account neccesary but usual google docs caveats apply.)


I am considering following along on this one; if I do and people are interested I could report back more information. A friend of mine hangs out in a Discord who is following it too. (How it got on my radar).


what’s the latest on Turn, @trashHeap? are you and friends still following it?

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I seriously considered backing the kickstarter, but didnt and then lost track of the creator’s Fediverse. I will check back into this thing though and report back, because it looked so awesome.