I would change this about my favorite game...

I asked:

Which single-player RPG video game did you wish was multiplayer and online?

Been getting neat ideas, including an inverse: multiplayer games folks wish were single-player.

Please discuss games you love, but would want one or more attributes changed. I was ideating for RPGs, but this is very interesting to me. :slight_smile:


So… nethack is such a deep experience I wasn’t sure which part to focus on, but I’ve started discussing it in that linked conversation:

Hmmm, how would that work, turn-wise? Would you play a game where each turn took a configurable amount of time? I guess that’s sorta MUD-ish in this instance. But I’ve been thinking about sloooooower games, where maybe a turn is every minute, hour, or even day!

Yeah, I think a game of nethack where each turn took a minute would work. And for the truly patient, hour or day turns would create interesting… results. Imagine a MUD where the ticks are 60 seconds apart. Not very kinetic, but certainly doable. It would mean you read scrolls in town. :slight_smile:

I’ve got this spec written for what I call DCSSS: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Simulator, since when I play I’m not trying to win, I’m trying to macro a win, so I can press tab a bunch and destroy the dungeon… ya know, standard filling the in the story mode. :grimacing:

Anyhow, when I looked at the nethack game datasets, it seemed similar, so I might do a kind of async dungeon explorer, turn-based or run-based, but self-referential. :thinking:

FFXIV sans monthly fees

I have a sibling that plays, and I like the recurring themes in FF games. But yeah, the fees wouldn’t work for me. Also, Windows only, ne?

So, is it just like the story/ies? Or the mechanics?

Would also like an offline Boundless, even if it’s Minecraft/Minetest with better graphics and space.

I’m almost sure I have a copy of Boundless somewhere… is it like voxel block building?

I fell in love with the concept of Guns of Icarus but I’ve never been able to play it because it’s online multiplayer only and 1) as a dad I need games I can pause 2) I loathe playing online solo and I don’t have gaming partners in my current timezone.

Ha! I love Guns of Icarus, but I don’t play because their moderation is practically non-existent, and I can’t play with people having racial slurs in their names, which was normal behavior over so many second chances it gets no more from me. But that game is fun! Gah, I love the sounds of gun fire, top-notch!

Since then I’ve also played Skies of Arcadia, which is in no way like that except kinda theme-y, but has neat ship combat that is done in turns of 4: you set up your next four actions, and the ships have at each other. Lots of random stuff, but also that weirdly fun Skies of Arcadia battle positioning. :sunglasses:

In the same vibe, I wish I could play Sea of Thieves because it looks like a lot of fun but I’m also missing a crew.

I’ll have to look it up.

Works pretty well under Proton in linux. I did the free trial that way, with some config file tweaking. I’d say for me it’s the themes and visual aesthetic, followed by the controls.

It’s a voxel block building thing. It’s shtick is that it dynamically generates multiple planets with different procedural generated environments, some hostile, some with rarer resources, etc. Players can eventually build stargate like teleports to travel between worlds, or mine asteroids and planetoids that appear in the night sky for limited times. I played it pretty extensively for about a month. My thing kinda was I wasn’t in the mood for the playing with strangers element as it is a MMORPG.

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I recommend Slime Rancher. I think it’s only Steam, though. But if you can, give it a go. Clover and I had a blast with it. :slight_smile:

Ive been meaning to check it out, If I recall correctly it shares design/developer talent from Spiral Knights which I also enjoyed in the past.

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