Why don't you play online?

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Usually, it’s the opposite, I wish a multiplayer-only game had a single player mode.

To which I replied:

Oh yeah? I’m game; what’s a multiplayer game you wish was single player? All the ones I can think of are Nintendo action RPGs that I never got to play because I couldn’t get together the hardware… for MMOs I lone wolf it. So I’m familiar with the sentiment. :slight_smile:

A lot of folks play online, but I haven’t had the space to do so for years. I mean, we live in a one bedroom apartment and the kid sleeps in the bedroom, but I still share our living room/sleeping space with another adult. Video and audio chat is out, as are any games that require a lot of movement; people just can’t get into certain types of gaming with other people in the room.

Also, my bandwidth isn’t great, not for low latency games. So I could play Guild Wars 2 in a low-stakes way (no raids or small teams, but I can hold my own with high ping and 270 people beating on this Wurm. But I could never play Guns of Icarus, or a game requiring low ping.

Anyhow, that’s why I’m into build slow games, and on the web. So more people can play, even if it doesn’t hit the kinetic pace many games set these days. :slight_smile:

What’s your deal? Do you play online?

Ive got a bit of social anxiety when it comes to strangers in unfamiliar settings + having sheer difficulty making time for it. Online games have a reocurring time commitment that I have trouble squeezing in.

And when my time does get thin, anything with a subscription feels doubly wasteful.

Ive also been feeling very non competitive in the past couple years and I feel like most of the online games being churned out these days are dialing up the competitive edge. Everything seems to be chasing the esports angle, or the battle royale angle.