Vox is dead

More specifically, Vox will be finished on September 30th. I had deleted my account quite some time ago, but Susan still had an account with just shy of 300 posts.

Fortunately, Brian Colinger created a Vox importer plugin for WordPress. So, now Susan has all her posts.

Reading through them, I realized what made Vox so interesting, the “Question of the Day” and “Vox Hunt” prompts that encouraged so many people to create content. It also helped to find people you thought were interesting, like filling out questions on OKCupid.

I was a fan of SixApart in the beginning, but they made a series of moves that just seemed so counter to how internet culture adapted, and they became an obstacle rather than a lubricant. Also, I abhor MovableType. Yuck.

I wonder how I could simulate the writing prompts from Vox. I suppose just a queue of questions and such, maybe feeding to a plugin… huh. That is an interesting idea.

Addendum: Cloud is back, and Susan just posted about all of this. :slight_smile: