What are your shows these days (Summer 2019)?

What are your TV shows these days?

Ha, I jacked your reply to help kickstart the new #mediaclub category! But this is great fun, hearing about the shows yer peeps are into. Okay, here’s what I’m currently kinda tracking. I say that because I largely have familiars provide me with media artifacts, and a bunch of seasons just ended, so I’m noticing new shows coming up. Alright!

I can’t start this list without mentioning @susan and I are of course watching the 7th and final season of Elementary! We are going to geek out on that so frickin’ hard! But here’s more of a list-list:

  • Elementary
  • Archer
  • grown-ish
  • Last Week Tonight
  • My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
  • The Twilight Zone
  • QI (British gameshow)

We are three eps into Twilight Zone; the third episode really sat with me for days, but we’ll probably get back into it soon. It is such an amazing series in that I don’t want the next episode to override what happened in the last one! I want to sit with each one for a few weeks, really digest it. We’ll see how fast we get through it. :slight_smile:

We’ve got loads of back seasons to watch of stuff, but in our general slow-down, we watch less stuff, and that’s pretty awesome.

We are about to start a show called Flea Bag that we know nothing about except amazing creators are humbled by it’s second season, so good enough for us. Also, it was recommended by one of the bloms Susan reads. :rofl:

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We are slowly watching the Handmaiden’s Tale one episode a weekday over here. Padding it out with a rewatch of Steven Universe , because I can be overloaded by bleakness easily these days and Steven Universe is good for my soul.

I am on weekends watching a handful of Legend of Galactic Hero episodes at a time.

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@trashHeap made me want to list my anime sides and our reset/happy shows.

I’m rewatching Keroro Gunso, aka Sgt. Frog. I’m currently on 3 of 358. :smile:

I used read Sgt. Frog as it was being published in English, and I have a deep appreciation for how it tells weird, fun stories by just using every idea available. Just throw it all in.

Watching the anime 15 years after grabbing the first subs I could, it is just hysterical. I laugh uncontrollably. Clover is definitely Yotsuba, I just never understood how much we’re all power-hungry, friendship-starved little toads. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna watch it differently, though. Gonna run #mediaclub through its paces… :grimacing:

Okay, our feel good show list looks something like:

  • Playing House
  • Red Dwarf
  • Travel Man: 48 Hours In…
  • Detectorists
  • The Muppets (2015 show)
  • Galavant
  • And of course Elementary (despite it basically being a garuanteed murder [or more!] each episode…)

Black Mirror and Big Little Lies are back! And I just started watching this Netflix show The Society about a bunch of high school kids who get mysteriously stranded in an abandoned version of their town with no outside world. Relevant to the post apocalyptic societies discussion… they’re not doing that great but they are high schoolers after all, and it’s interesting so far.

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Tara and I just finished The OA, which we really liked.

We switched to Hell on Wheels and I like it a lot. It has Chief O’Brien in it! It could possibly all be a holo adventure.

We only get maybe 3 episodes a week of show watchage, so that’ll keep us for a while.


Oh and I’ve recently tripped into this thing called: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Which is an australian show more or less about an independently wealthy 1920s feminist becoming a detective despite the male cops who want her out of the way. She cohorts with communists, took an anarchist lover in the first episode and is raising some sort of child ward to always question authority. It’s got an incredibly wicked and dry sense of humor.

Supposedly queer characters abound in later episodes, but im not there yet.

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I really enjoy Miss Fisher, except for a couple of really myopic race moments. I especially enjoy her communist driver friends. There’s supposedly a spinoff about her niece in the works?

@maiki re Fleabag, I really love that show, it’s brilliant. But just a CW: the first season especially and to a lesser extent the second deals with grief, depression, self-destructive behavior and suicide. So just know that going in!

And I love Elementary. I let it go a while ago, but it’s a solid, solid show with great character writing, and IMO it’s infinitely superior to the BBC’s Sherlock.

@evergreen I’m catching up on a bunch of old Black Mirror episodes I never saw right now. Mostly I’ve been enjoying it, and I’m insanely impressed that Charlie Brooker writes most episodes and co-writes the rest…

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Thanks for the heads up! @susan, we might want to hold off for when we are particularly happy and need to take it down a notch… :grimacing:

After this season I’m gonna rewatch and discuss each and every episode! It’s pretty fun, and it also counts a half-decent zeitgeist index: the writers draw on a lot of current events to pad out their stories, so while each one somehow connects to a murder, we can deep dive on any thread and remind ourselves of the calamities all around us. :face_with_monocle:

And I don’t really know where to post this otherwise, but if folks were looking for media to not watch with @maiki (and @susan, 'cause I know eir tastes), Black Mirror and The Mist (the movie) are at the top. I’m not sure I can point it out, but I’d say it was something like, “extreme trauma” that I avoid.

So far Twilight Zone has been purely a mindfuck, and hasn’t gone out of it’s way to draw out those moments I find frightening. Actually, the one with Adam Scott was more funny than stressful, because, well… Adam Scott.

Oh yeah, I could have guessed that re: Black Mirror (or BM, as I like to call it) and The Mist. I stayed away from BM for a long time, but now I go back periodically to catch up on episodes when I’m feeling up to it. I think it’s a better show in its 2nd and 3rd seasons than it was in the first, when it was incredibly nasty, depressing and dispiriting. It still is depressing and dispiriting, but somewhat less nasty…

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There’s such enormous variance. Usually every season has at least one episode that’s largely uplifting, and then everything else is anywhere on any scale of upsetting. So you could handpick but it would be have to be done by someone who’s seen them and on an individual basis, which is unfortunate. Just watching them is a super risky game, but I keep playing it lol.

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I wanted to get around to that thing, but had the ending spoiled which deflated some of my enthusiasm. Not in a “this ending sounds bad” sort of way, but more like the show lost some of it’s mystery for me.

I understand that. I will say the story is told so well, even if I knew the ending I would still enjoy the watch through.

Also, @maiki, this show falls in that category of things you and @susan wouldn’t watch.

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I will say I can ingest very little of that kind of dark entertainment. When I do, I do so very slowly while emotionally preparing myself for every bit of it. Thus our slow rate of consumtion of things like The Handmade’s Tale.

It’s been kind of an abrassive experience that shows in that spectrum seem increasingly in vogue as of late.

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Twin peaks reboot has been whats keeping me up lately, since I finished rewatching the Breaking Bad more-chill spinoff Better Call Saul. I’m looking for more shows like these; I guess twin peaks and BCS both have distinctive visual style, character-driven plots with really weird characters and steadily building intrigue (or what you might call meandering, gratuitous suspense).

Another absolute and total fave is Halt and Catch Fire, which, on this board, i think deserves its own thread-- while it shares some of the same characteristics (and I think involved a lot of the same ppl as mad men), the headline is that its a fictionalized show about the dawn of personal computing based off of Soul of a New Machine and some other books and narratives. But its also about games and the net. But its also about underdogs and women navigating an industry of boys clubs but ALSO its just about the characters I love it

I’m catching up on Black Mirror with a friend a few episodes at a time, it’s as always unnecessarily long and stressful and impossibly hamfisted so being very very stoned has been helpful. There are a couple really good episodes that use simulations to explore relationships tho!!

every now and then I catch up on lighter shows- the good place, brooklyn 99, steven universe.

I’m also a sucker for period pieces (of which halt and catch fire is one) but I’ve stayed away Chernobyl, the historical drama du jour, so far.

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Tara and I got really into Twin Peaks. When the reboot was coming out, we watched all the original series (had never watched).

Such a great and strange story.

@sudocurse I would recommend ‘Dark’ which is on Netflix if you liked Twin Peaks. I would highly recommend not watching any trailer or read anything about it. Also, gotta go for the original German audio and do the english subtitles. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Seconding that! I watched it a long time ago and don’t remember it really except that it was great.

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Season 2 is dropping on June 21!

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Legion’s back soon!

Enjoyed Sabrina: the Teenage Witch when di was watching it. I got into it immediately because I love Eowyn. Haha. She plays a great witch. I stayed for the character changes and mistakes and growth. It is weird to say this show felt wholesome to me but it did.

Haha, I’m still watching Community for the first time! Just saw the meow meow beenz episode and :exploding_head:

There are some of the x-men shows about kid mutants that are good! Errrrr… Runaways, I believe?

Haha and with my old old roommate, I got i today Santa Clarita Diet and Grace and Frankie. I recently binged the rest of both those shows on my own. I missed the characters! I really like both shows. Maybe again because people make mistakes and the stakes feel high enough for me to be invested but not so high that I get too stressed out to watch. And they exist in fantasy worlds where resolutions are possible and happen and people go back to being friends. Which is such a nice fantasy.

This is an SNL skit I deeply appreciated: https://youtu.be/OUi8Yg9Z85Q

I don’t even want to say more about it because it’s so goddamn WHAAAAT but okay CPAP MACHIIIIIIINE WHAAAAAAAAT

When Di saw it in real time she texted me frantically in all caps and I was extremely confused