Who has healthy self-esteem?!

Continuing the discussion from 200 Ways to Raise a Girl's Self-Esteem:

The “?!” at the end of the subject was my concession to keep it clear of several expletives, I assure you.

This is part of why it hurts to be a good parent: I have to imagine what being a good person is in many of these new, exciting and frightening scenarios I find myself in with Clover.

I can’t think of anything to share at the moment, but I do know I can explain the feeling. I find myself thinking, “What the fuck? How is that even a question?” Just absurd stuff, and maybe indicative of the times. But also any given kid’s understanding of what they are even asking is questionable.

I think about this a lot. Because I’ve got no instinct for what I’m doing!

I’ve been transferring posts from my decade-long blog, and as I go further back in time it is hard to not cringe. So. Many. Reasons. Among them is my self-deprecation/self-proclamations I started as a weird chaotic ritual to break myself, um, out of no self-esteem?

I always worried if people thought me arrogant for referring to myself as brilliant. I thought so. But I thought I would gamble with arrogance if it meant I could participate with reality. Before a decade of pumping up this blog persona, I couldn’t function in society the same way; I didn’t advocate for myself, in fact I tried to hide, which is funny, both in that I would presume someone with my size and energy could hide and in how surprisingly good I am at it.

Another thing I think about a lot.

I guess I’m spouting, “is there a 200 Ways to Raise Your Own Adult Self-Esteem book?” :pleading_face:

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Clover is a good role model, as evidenced by my bookmark:

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