who’s stealing my eyes?

POD is progressive. It lets you convert your labour directly to benefit without turning you into a Boss, and without investment. You’re beholden to no one until you sell. And that’s important: you are free as in birds. Once you take a stack of money on the promise of production you are beholden to others until you deliver. Those are chains.

Those might be chains you’re cool with. Personally I have to ration that particular kind of stress–there are enough demands on my heart without it. I just want to make games and get paid a little by people who decided it was worth it after it already existed. When they can read reviews or see their friends’ copy. Not based on a promise conducted with the purpose of gaining your trust.

I know about the Diaspora game, but this sentiment on a blog called “blue collar space”, I’m gonna read that a bit, see what’s there.

It is refreshing to hear someone talking about POD again. I’ve always thought it the more sustainable model, in every sense.

Alex mentioned it: 2018-10-18 Print on Demand

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