Aches and pains

This is to shame Susan into posting on her blog. I keep telling her that it is interesting to know about these things. I can’t be too persistent, though. I am sure that certain parts of her life is hell right now.

The reason for that is Clover, of course, our little alien that is expanding by leaps, bounds, and an assorted array of kicks and elbows. The last time I put my ear to Susan’s belly I got some body part, right in the side of my face. It was one of many moments when I realize that pregnant women are incomprehensible to me.

When I have something moving in my belly I normally drink something carbonated to make me burp, or I wait it out near a bathroom. Susan is playing an entire different game. That she can now see this little person moving, like, with her eyes, is just a new development. However, she doesn’t have time to be amazed, since apparently Clover decided to get her attention via sciatic nerve.

At any moment Susan could be jumping up, or sitting down, or staring intently, or giggling. All apparently because a little human is consuming her life force while thrashing about.

Other mothers have told Susan that it will all fade from memory once she hold her baby in her arms. Maybe this can be a record that she will stumble upon later, so she can make an informed decision as to whether she wants to do this all again. :slight_smile:

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