Gnome 3 is not ready for me

I am going to stick with it a bit longer (mostly because I just set it up), but I’ve come to the conclusion that Gnome 3 isn’t mature enough for me. About once an hour I try to do something, and when I look it up I find an email archive, blog post or doc page that says that element of Gnome isn’t done yet. I just bought this monster of a machine, in part because I realized that I don’t live in a web browser. If I did, I would be happy with a Chromebook.

The problem this creates for me is that I like the Fedora Project, and that is their default flavor. I know there are alternative Fedora spins, but I am not interested in being a second-class citizen, and that is how using those feel to me. I don’t think it is a problem with Fedora, I just don’t think Gnome is in a state upstream that I can appreciate.

I am going to document all the problems I have, though. If there are obvious bugs, I will file them. But I am hitting a wall of the software just not being ready.