Graphite (document editor, file share)

hahahahah blockchain hahahahahaha

actually though i’m curious about using this with friends i’d otherwise use google drive with. not the audience here at talkgroup, but like maybe my world of warcraft guild (we use google drive a lot (and discord, and a lot of other things))

(Different from the Graphite mentioned in Restoring the forgotten Javanese script through Wikimedia .)

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What do you use it for? I get Discord (still curious), but I’ve never needed cloud storage for a guild: whatcha’ll up to?!


Also, gotta say, I’m laughing out loud over here reading all the praise on how much faster it is than Google Docs! :rofl:

My d00ds, text editors. Super fast. And Google only knows about them on like, half of devices!

OMG, talk about companies like gawds from D&D! It makes so much more sense!

Well, I don’t follow Google, per se, but I know lots of folks that follow. Very tidy bunch, not much for holding services, but all their holy scrolls are synced, so there’s that…

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