i am deeply confused by this "emergency bag" product line named JUDY

i’ve seen this ad before and was bemused, but a friend was just talking about a waterproof bag and so i paid more attention just now:

what is it? why is it named judy?

can i just use the list to make my own bag instead? i really am in the mood to get emergency prepared because we are in an emergency right now


GET READY JUDY… dot com.



Prep Kits Picked by Experts

So like, they are experts at emergencies? Hmmm. Are these the folks we ought to be listening to? Confirmation bias much?! :sunglasses:

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I didn’t read the lead-in until just now. Folks think that person is JUDY, and e is stocked and ready to save you in an emergency! You can be sure it’s JUDY saving you, because of eir range of personalized orange backpacks!