I cannot get this tune out of my head

Stumbled on this while listening to pandora in the car on the weekend, and now it is forever lodged in my brain.


I haven’t listened to it, but it made me think, “why would Tim do that?! Monster!”

What is your reset song(s)? We have a variety of tracks to get “Let It Go” out of our heads (our diva sings that in eir sleep).

:smiley: What streaming site (with a good mobile app) do you use? I use Bandcamp myself, but Tara likes Pandora.

I don’t really have a goto piece of music to try to free myself from a tune that’s stuck in my head. Generally I just embrace it, and play it on repeat until I burn out on it.

I don’t use streaming sites. I do use Bandcamp, but it is to download FLAC which I convert to .ogg. I normally listen to music on my lappy via cmus (see super-meta screenshot below!).

Oh weird, my transparency doesn’t show in the screenshot… you would have seen me composing this reply in the background. All that image does is raise questions about how screenshots are made…

I use a Macbook at Know Yourself, which of course hates the kind of setup I use, but I just sync my music to my Android devices and that works. 92 hours of music is 8.6GB of oggs. :slight_smile:

My music collection is lean for its size because I don’t use artwork. I analyzed that years ago and found that images and additional files took up about a third of my “music” collection. Just like using mutt for email, this helps me focus on music, with very little overhead getting in my way.

I love cmus! I use it all the time when I’m working on my laptop.

Hmm I thought you could download albums from bandcamp in ogg, right from the server. Maybe they removed that feature. :confused:

I am intrigued now by the album art size, I’ll prune mine out and see what space I free up.

Nah, they have that. I just rip mine at a higher quality, so I go directly from FLAC. I used to not care, but my headphones are able to pick up the difference, so I encode my own.

I haven’t encoded any new music in a while, though. Too busy to add more music, sounds way too busy. With the launch of this new site I am going to focus on more cultural deconstruction, and I expect my music collection to explode next year.

@tim, do you use cmus in Mac OS X?

I do! I have a tab in iTerm that is mutt / cmus… pretty much always. I didn’t figure it out until recently, but cmus also streams pretty well. Like, you can read in a streaming url and it will play it.