Jadepunk update, d20 version


Working in the Cortex Plus arena, with how questionable it’s been in the last half-decade, is a business risk we can’t afford to take. We need products that will move so we can bring some life back to the Jadepunk line.

PbtA is still a strong possibility, but, given our financial troubles, maybe something we could do a smaller document for, like the boutique games out there for other settings?

PbtA is “Powered by the Apocalypse”. I wasn’t interested in those products/systems, so I hadn’t paid attention. Didn’t realize they hadn’t appeared.

Remember (just a few paragraphs ago) when I said we needed a system that would move. Well, nothing on the market moves better than d20. And the king of d20 is the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. So we’re planning on writing the second edition of Jadepunk in the gray area between 5e and 13th Age (because we love 5e, but there are things we would have done differently, and the 5e designers may have also done differently had they not been forced to stick to certain D&D design tropes).

… Huh.

I know I need to check out 13th Age more, but I didn’t realize d20 had reclaimed the title of a “mover”. Is Fate Core not working out? I don’t know, this seems less like a setting and more like a product, and I kinda wish the industry was different.

I think 5e is less setting records in popularity and more undoing a lot of perceived loss of mind share that 4e brought about.

Though with Pathfinder 2e in development im sure the whole RPG-verse will be shaken up again in a year or two.