My life is an experiment

I’ve decided to just proclaim that my life is an experiment. That means I…

  • ...release the code I write, unafraid of how it "looks".
  • ...publish my writing, sharing the stories in my head.
  • more about what I am thinking.
  • useful websites, not worrying about "doing it right".
  • ...license everything liberally, and stop thinking about copyright.

I’ve never released any code, nor published a book, nor built the awesome semantic wiki I should. I don’t talk about my views on the world if I haven’t read about someone else having similar views, which is an exercise in frustration, since I always read those views years after I thought about it. I am afraid to license anything on the off-chance I don’t understand some fringe case consequences that only affect CC-BY-SA or A/GPL.

I am a mess when I am trapped in my head. M worry and anxiety is the trap. So I am giving myself a pass. It is an experiment. Keep backups, make lots of mistakes. :slight_smile: