Violation of traffic and privacy

We received a notice from Enterprise that we have incurred a fine for some kind of violation or toll we skipped while we had our rental during the end of last month. We had gotten a car and gone to visit people in SoCal. It makes sense that our violation was issued in Pima County.

Except that Pima County is in Arizona, five hours away from where we were. Also, the person driving during the incident is obviously not me. How do I know? Because I just saw the images of the violation, and that dude is certainly not me.


Update: Well, we are all done. They removed the fee and transferred responsibility from us. I will not be surprised if we receive a notice from the insuring agency, but I will be ready.

Here are some numbers to all if this happens again, for reference:

(866) 790 4111 American Traffic Solutions - They are the people who run the traffic cameras for at least Pima County, no doubt other places as well. They have a website, the ominous sounding That was where I got the photos and video.

(800) 935 0112 Enterprise Traffic Division - I explained my funny story to the person here, fully expecting them to not believe me, but they handled it after calling the branch manager and verifying that the car was a different color (they also had the photos).

So, that is that. :slight_smile: