When is babby formed?

This is something that Susan and I have been talking about lately. We wonder when a good time to have a babby would be.

This is my way of announcing that Susan and I are deciding to have a child. I figure it would be better to just come out with it, since it will become apparent given the topics I have in mind for future posts.

So, yeah, this is a big decision for me. I suppose it is for anyone, but I just know what I am going through. It drags up a lot of emotions for me, partially anticipation, but mostly it focused my wandering mind on the things I think about children and care-giving.

My life wasn’t always this awesome. I guess the point then is to take the lessons I realize from that pre-awesome life, and move on.

Also, I need a camera. I actually have a reason to have a camera.

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I wrote a bit more a bout this over on my blog.


Its was interesting to write about such a personal topic but I am so glad that I did. There is so much that goes into the decision making process and I waffled a lot before I got to this point. :slight_smile:



One day, your babby will read this, and he/she/it will know the care and lovingkindness that surrounded it since before it even existed!

Is that crazy? We are the first generation to grow up with blaghs. I can’t imagine reading my mom’s journal (also it would have been in chinese -.-) but I would love to have a direct portal into her teenage/college/20s/30s/having me/making life choices/etc mind. It used to be that only FAMOUS PEOPLE wrote memoirs, or PEOPLE THAT DID WRITING AS A LIVING, but now we are all writers and memoirmakers and possess the technology to keep it for posterity.

It’s like everything we write is a letter to the unborn babbys of the world, so that they may know us and understand where we came from and why we are the way we are and the things that happened to us and the choices we made and …!!! Oh no. I am going to fall into a deep cavernous hole now.


It’s true, we the documentation of our live will be very different than that of past generations.

When I write I try to keep one person in mind, it’s an old writing trick. That is why I love writing to specific questions, I find it flows easily. It is like e-mail.

Now, my default person in mind is my child. It has the neat affect that I now want to provide more context, and if I am aware of it, I want to point out my biases. In fact, I have been writing a lot more, because I suddenly want to leave my legacy to them, and I want them to be informed and constantly discover who I am, in addition to being their parent.

It is one of the few urges associated with becoming a parent that I am not resisting. Worst case scenario, I just write a lot, and I get all the benefits of that. :slight_smile:

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You know what? I wished SO ARDENTLY for what I said to come true and it IS, right now, and it’s almost too much to bear. C is growing up amd every day can read more than the day before. It is crazy.

Another funny thing: when I imagine talking to the maiki that wrote this nine years ago, I imagine them to be the same as you now. But when I imagine talking to the judy who wrote this in 2010, I imagine a totally different person from who I am now. Not unrecognizable, but different–like, I used -.- ??? when did i use -.- ?! where did i pick that up?! when did i switch to =_= !? lol.

It’s kinda rare and magical to tell yourself you were right nine years ago because of other people being awesome. Haha.


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