Who is playing LOTRO?

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Who all is playing LOTRO? I tried to get back into it, but I am frustrated by the mechanics of that game. I mostly want to explore their rendition of Middle Earth, but they un-slotted all my Legacy Items, and the prospect of re-slotting them is too much for my enjoyment.

However, even without heavy stats manipulation I can play most of the early content fairly easy, and would be interested in going around and deconstructing their decisions. :slight_smile:

Well, you know I am playing. :smile:

My game times are so sporadic I don’t know if I could ever play with anyone else, BUT I am happy to share items and things that people need.

I am trying not to get eye twitchy at finding out Moria is not the pinnacle of mineable ore. Really? Riddermark Ore? Really!?!

But I digress.

I did start a new character who only ever farms/cooks, never fights. With the ability to get XP via crafting now, she is level 24 and has only ever fought in the tutorial. (Because you have to) :disappointed:

I had only just gotten into legacy items via Helcturi, then stopped playing and my legacy items were/are unslotted. Have no idea how to proceed. I’m just focusing on Curuang now.

Anyway, enough rambling for me.

If I recall, Helcturi was a rune master, and Curuang was my ol’ dwarf buddy, ne?

See, that kinda makes me want to play again. :slight_smile:

Helcturi is a Runekeeper and Jeweller. He is kind of socially odd and keeps to himself. He is fascinated with jewels of all kinds, and of setting them just so. He is fairly well regarded among the Jewellers Guild. He counts Curuang Brightshield and Bookend his only friends. He hasn’t seen Bookend in ages, although he still has some scrolls that the talented Scholar made for him to assist with crafting. After making his way into Moria, he has taken a hiatus, and is focusing on his crafting.

Curuang Brightshield, after 3 years of self-exile in Thorins Hall, began going out again several months ago. He is a Guardian and Armorer / Tool-maker. He carries an old, worn key with the letters ‘HV’ simply engraved in the handle. He is not as quick to laugh as he once was, but he still enjoys a good joke. Although talented in the ways of war, he prefers to hide any adornment and armor underneath a simple homespun shirt dyed blue. A battered green hood sits on his head. As he makes his way to the Gates of Moria, to help the expedition within, he hopes to make his way to the Lonely Mountain, and companions he has lost.

Now I do too. :smile:

I am not sure how often I could meet up in game, but at least we could RP the heck out of our in-game mail. :envelope:

We ought to make it a point to get on there once a month or something. I am totally down spinning it as a role-play session! :slight_smile:

Me too! That would be cool.

BTW, I never noticed the “South Pass” area in Eregion. Basically going up to Cadahras. There is a quest to find a dwarf up there, and for some reason that is super cool to me.

Curuang went up and fought this crazy swirling cold entity, and by huddling behind the frost-covered shield and using a newly found ancient weapon, he was able to slay one. He is determined to rescue this lost dwarf.

I left the house with DDO downloading today, and when I logged in it said, “Hello Bookend”. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, once I get my site going, I am going to be announcing play dates a couple week in advanced. Not just LOTRO, other games as well. But we can definitely get some fun times in RPing in Middle Earth!


Also, Curuang stepped through and into the Mines of Moria for the first time, last night. I got emotional. That whole region is just so good, from design to the music. Really sets the mood.

I believe it is still the largest dungeon instance in an MMO. It is pretty intense, and Bookend had walked those hallowed halls for many months. Not at all lost, you understand. Just, ya know, wandering. :slight_smile: