WooCommerce 2.6

Tracking the WooCommerce 2.6 release in this thread.


One big change in 2.6 is tabbed My Account pages. These are a big improvement over the current customer dashboard, and I’ve noticed this as a focus across the WordPress ecosystem (BuddyPress, for instance).

I’ve never overridden any templates for WooCommerce, but I am going to get started with this release. :slight_smile:

Updated release schedule

To allow a little more time for testing, and a good week between RC and final release, the dates are as follows:

Release Candidate 1 -Tuesday 7th June 2016
2.6.0 Final – Tuesday 14th June 2016

There are a lot of changes for the RC, though most of them are back-end, and won’t affect users as much as developers.

Of interest, Simplify Commerce Gateway is moved out of core into its own plugin. This makes sense, and they will have a couple other suggestions for gateways during initial setups (including Stripe and PayPal).

And released. Shipping zones would have be really useful at my last job. Very cool to see it included out of the box, now.

Having implemented shipping zones at Indiegogo, I’m highly interested in the interface for this (and whatever we can figure out about how they’re structuring all the data too) because it’s a lot weirder than any of us thought it would be.

Our product is still flawed: we can’t exclude countries, so if you can’t ship to Australia or something, you can’t choose “worldwide, except Australia” … you have to list every country manually except Australia. That’s pretty bad =( Campaigners get around it by writing warnings all over the place saying “if you pick Australia, we’ll email you later and you’ll have to be refunded.” Since the way we implemented it is additive, you can overwrite countries with more expensive options, so some campaigners have turned on “worldwide” but then set Australia to like an unreasonable number of dollars, like thousands and thousands, in the hope that it would force backers to realize “holy shit this is an unreasonable amount for a $60 perk… oh it doesn’t ship to Australia and I hadn’t read the perk text.” But that’s a terrible solution because if they go through without checking the total price anyway, then they’re charged for a bazillion dollars AND they still have to get refunded anyway. xP

@judytuna would you like an account on my WooCommerce lab? I use it just to check configs and see new features. Let me know. :slight_smile:

I’d love to check it out! I was going to ask what you were selling on
woocommerce xD The…ability to try out new ideas and features!!!.. xD

Sent ya an invite, look for the email.

I’ve used WooCommerce for a few different projects and clients. I am also considering it was subscriptions, such as my hosting service. But I found something simpler, and WooCommerce defaults to physical items, and then one has to work back from there to focus on just services.

But I keep that lab around so I am always kept abreast of development; WooCommerce is the most used commerce platform on the web! :slight_smile: